Nationalism is when a person our group takes pride in their nations traditions and culture, though throughout history there are examples when nationalism has resulted in extremist ideas it is not inherantly a bad thing. The germans were in a time of pain and strife which caused many to struggle financially and starve. When hitlerContinue reading “Nationalism”

The War of Ideas

If you consider fundamentalism as a concept entirely dangerous, then which ideological values should we cling to instead? If every idea and value eventually becomes old and overtime is considered fundamental than should we only cling to new ideas? Yes and no, if there is an idea that seems to look as if it isContinue reading “The War of Ideas”

Childhood Rebellion

I think rebellion is an unavoidable part of growing up. Once you put children in school a school system that constricts and begs conformity its only natural for them to want to break the mold. Rebellion is not an attack from the child to his parrents but rather a defence against the molding nature ofContinue reading “Childhood Rebellion”

Undying Love

The cold earth catches my face like your love hold me while the wind blows outside and the rain crashes on the roof as i fall deeper into your grasp i worry not of what i leave behind you are all that matters.

Rumi Poetry Part 1

Deep in our hearts the Light of Heaven is shiningUpon a soundless Sea without a shore.Oh, happy they who found it in resigningThe images of all that men adore.Blind eyes, to dote on shadows of things fairOnly at last to curse their fatal lure,Like Harut and Marut, that Angel-pairWho deemed themselves the purest of theContinue reading “Rumi Poetry Part 1”

Morality and Culture

Morality is most of the time decided by the culture it is surrounded by. in the case of Pearl S Buck’s “the good earth” its decided that a character named Wang Lung is allowed to cheat on his wife because the culture says so. His wife is aware of this and it is clearly uncomfortableContinue reading “Morality and Culture”

Human Rights

There are 5 basic human rights, rights that need to be respected and provided to all, rights that when infringed upon need a swift counter attack. some are held to a higher standard than others, for example the right to Freedom from torture and degrading treatment if infringed upon would be treated more harshly thanContinue reading “Human Rights”


Shipwrecked she was trapped seaside eaten by the shallow waves dreams of sailing again


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