Senior Farewell

This is it guys, we made it. After 12 long years were finally starting our adult lives, a fork in the road with what seems to have endless directions. The question we all must asks are selves is if were ready, regardless of the answer we need to dive in headfirst. No more hand holding,Continue reading “Senior Farewell”

Mr Marks Ted Talk

The famous World Literature teacher MR Mark Cooprider recently gave a Ted Talk, and I think some of the lessons he discussed in it are worth reflecting upon. He talks about the book “Cry The Belloved Country” and about its themes and messages. He also mentions 2 very important, and damaged characters. He explains thatContinue reading “Mr Marks Ted Talk”

Che’s Call To Action

Che Guevera was a terrible person. He openly stated that he killed without regard to guilt or innocence, rounded up homosexuals and put them in labor camps, made racist statements about people of african decsent, and on top of all that he had a messiah complex. However much like other socialist dictators, he wrote someContinue reading “Che’s Call To Action”

Travel Well

What does it mean to travel well? Does it mean you did more research than the average person about the place youre going? Or does it mean you avoided any tip, going in completely blind to avoid any sort of expectations? personally i believe the ladder is true, not only because maticulous planning is notContinue reading “Travel Well”


Bangkok is a very diverse and interesting city, unlike any other ive been to. Its full of entertaining things to keep you busy through all the seasons of the year. From the amusement parks, and malls, to the floating market, and skateparks. There is truly no end to what can be done in this city,Continue reading “Bangkok”


Nationalism is when a person our group takes pride in their nations traditions and culture, though throughout history there are examples when nationalism has resulted in extremist ideas it is not inherantly a bad thing. The germans were in a time of pain and strife which caused many to struggle financially and starve. When hitlerContinue reading “Nationalism”

The War of Ideas

If you consider fundamentalism as a concept entirely dangerous, then which ideological values should we cling to instead? If every idea and value eventually becomes old and overtime is considered fundamental than should we only cling to new ideas? Yes and no, if there is an idea that seems to look as if it isContinue reading “The War of Ideas”

Childhood Rebellion

I think rebellion is an unavoidable part of growing up. Once you put children in school a school system that constricts and begs conformity its only natural for them to want to break the mold. Rebellion is not an attack from the child to his parrents but rather a defence against the molding nature ofContinue reading “Childhood Rebellion”

Undying Love

The cold earth catches my face like your love hold me while the wind blows outside and the rain crashes on the roof as i fall deeper into your grasp i worry not of what i leave behind you are all that matters.


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